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A unique flavour combination. The addition of hibiscus to the milk chocolate adds a tangy and fruity quality white the vanilla brings a rich creamy note that balances out the acidity. The result is a bar that’s both smooth and velvety in texture, with a burst of floral and fruity flavours that lingers on the palate.

Krak Chocolade buys their beans at a fair price and make each bar naturally and without additives. Good for you, good for the planet, better for everyone.


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Michelin trained pasty chef, Mark Schimmel, works raw coco beans until they reveal the flavours held within. His quest for purity results in flavourful, additive-free chocolate bars that display remarkable balance.

In his own words

My style is to stay as close as possible to the flavour profile of the origin and to accentuate what makes the cocoa bean unique. This is my passion and I am proud to share it!

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Cocoa butter*, Cane sugar*, Full milk,-powder*, Hibiscus*, Vanilla*



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